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Commodities Market

Basic economic principles of supply and demand typically runs the commodities markets where higher supply drives down demand, which equals lower prices, and vice versa. While demand side will depends on global economic development and technological advances which usually less uncertain issues, and less important impact on prices.

Noble Metal

Noble Metals Are Good Trading Portfolio And Hedging Against Inflation

Investing in Noble Metal consists of gold and silver is the main option for Investors to hedge against inflation and asset appreciation. PBFX provides the best precious metal transaction cost and execution in the market. Traders can trade precious metals without risk of exchange rate, and PBFX not only provides ultra-low lot fees, but also provides unique technical analysis to make it easy for customers to operate.

Many institutions in the world trade 24 hours a day hence there is an overlap of trading time between the two places:

Contact Name Contract Specification Single-Pen Minimum Transaction Volume Single-Stroke Maximum Trading Volume Mean Point Difference Maximum Leverage
XAUUSD 1 Lot = 100 oz(Gold) 0.01 lot 30 lots 38 200:1
XAGUSD 1 Lot = 5,000 oz (Silver) 0.01 lot 30 lots 26 200:1