Why trade precious metals CFDs?

The commodity market is the most basic economic principle. In this market, higher supply leads to lower demand, which creates a higher Low prices and vice versa. The demand side will depend on global economic developments and technological advances, and generally, smaller uncertainties have less impact on prices.

Why trade precious metals at PBFX?

  • gold, silver
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Many institutions in the world trade 24 hours a day hence there is an overlap of trading time between the two places:
Contact Name Contract Specification Single-Pen Minimum Transaction Volume Single-Stroke Maximum Trading Volume Mean Point Difference Maximum Lever
XAUUSD 1lot = 100oz(Gold) 0.01lot 30 lots 38 1:200
XAGUSD 1lot = 5,000oz(Silver) 0.01lot 30 lots 26 1:200