Oil & Gas

Why Trade Energy CFDs?

Crude oil is plentiful and has limited storage in the industrial, transportation, and energy sectors. This has a traction on the global economy making it one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Crude oil is oil, also known as "black gold". Crude oil is the main raw material for fuel oil and gasoline, and is one of the most important non-renewable energy sources in the world. At present, crude oil has not only become the largest commodity in global trade, but also one of the most important trading objects in global financial assets. As a global investment product, crude oil investment is relatively stable and safe.

Because crude oil is in line with the world, the factors affecting its price are global. In addition to providing two crude oil contracts with the largest trading volume in the world: Brent crude oil and West Texas Intermediate crude oil contracts, PBFX also provides US natural gas contracts.

Why trade crude oil and natural gas with PBFX?

  • Trading Crude Oil and Natural Gas
    Diversify your portfolio with access to the largest crude oil and natural gas markets.
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    Trade CFDs without any lot renewal fees
  • More than 10 top liquidity providers
    The strong liquidity provided by top liquidity providers can ensure that you always trade at the best price.
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    London-based servers ensure lightning-fast execution when trading
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    Use 1:100 leverage to realize your maximum trading potential
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    Whether you are a news trader or an EA trader - PBFX can provide you with the best environment.
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Many Institutions In The World Trade 24 Hours a Day Hence There Is An Overlap Of Trading Time Between The Two Places:
Contact Name Contract Specification Single-Pen Minimum Transaction Volume Single-Stroke Maximum Trading Volume Mean Point Difference Maximum Lever
XTIUSD 1lot=1,000 barrels 0.01lot 30 lotss 38 1:100
XBRUSD 1lot=1,000 barrels 0.01lot 30 lotss 38 1:100
XNGUSD 1lot=10 000(mmBtu) 0.1lot 30 lotss 80 1:100