PBFX Privacy Clause

Privacy Policy

This privacy clause is a privacy clause that provides for the data collected by the website, PRIBIZCO (referred to as "PRIBIZCO" and "This company"), www.pribizco.com, and sub-sites, to the customer's data. Customer data privacy is an important factor, and PRIBIZCO insists on paying high priority and protecting the data you provide to us. As stipulated in the Privacy statement, the opening of an account or promotional account on any PRIBIZCO website www.pribizco.com or its subsites means that you agree to PRIBIZCO to use and collect and process your personal information.

Use of Personal Information
Once we open an account at PRIBIZCO, we will collect your information to confirm your identity and create your transaction account. This information will help us to provide you with personalized services and support. Some of the information we have collected include, but are not limited to, your name, contact information, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, personal identification data, passport number, tax number or identification number, and other information that may be required. Other collected information will be described in our registry, which may change at any time. PRIBIZCO gathers information from your Internet Protocol(IP)address, browser type, operating system, timestamp, transactions, and Internet Service Provider(ISP). If you decide to close your account and leave PRIBIZCO, we will keep your information and use your message in accordance with the regulations. We will contact you from time to share the latest information or promotional activities of this company. Unless you make it clear that you do not accept such information or promotions.

Cookies is a small text file that is stored on a visitor's computer, a mobile phone, or other device for record purposes. Cookies send the information back to the original site or to other sites that identify the Cookies. Cookies can be permanent (referred to as persistent cookies), remain on your computer until you remove them, or are temporary (these are called session cookies) until you close the browser. Cookies can also be first-party cookies set up by the site being visited, or third-party cookies set up by sites other than visited. PRIBIZCO may also use independent external service providers to track network traffic usage.

Prevention of Accidents
PRIBIZCO uses secure communication layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect the information you submit. This technology is used in your communication with us to prevent your information from being intercepted. Our server is like a guard behind a firewall to better protect your information.

Share Information With Our Subsidiaries
PRIBIZCO will not share your personal information with subsidiaries unless you expressly agree. Our subsidiaries include companies owned by PRIBIZCO, companies in which PRIBIZCO has shares and the public division of shares owned by PRIBIZCO.

Share Information With Third Parties.
PRIBIZCO will not disclose your personal information to third parties unless you have your explicit consent. The possibility for third parties to disclose information includes sharing your personal information with non-affiliated companies to provide better services. Companies not affiliated with PRIBIZCO maintain the confidentiality of information shared with them. The use of information will be fully regulated by PRIBIZCO. PRIBIZCO will only maintain your information and will never sell your information to third parties.

Privacy Statement Correction
We may correct the contents of the statement at any time. If you have any questions about the PRIBIZCO's privacy regulations, you can contact us.